The Plaid Elephant

The Plaid Elephant

Opening my own boutique has been a lifelong dream of mine-a dream I was encouraged to turn into a reality by a dear friend. During the process, I recognized how much my mother and grandmother impacted my life. They instilled in me the courage and confidence to follow my dream.

In honor of them, I named my shop The Plaid Elephant. Elephants are one of the most incredible animals on earth. Every herd has a matriarch. She, along with all female elephants, take care of each other in the wild. Their herd is their tribe. I have always connected to the notion of us females caring for, nurturing and championing one another.

In memory of my champions, I welcome you to The Plaid Elephant. A place I hope you feel cared for, connected and inspired.

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The Plaid Elephant


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7951 W 160th Street Suite 530

Overland Park Kansas 66223


Monday-Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.



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